Mac And Raisins? I Think Not

TikTok has spoken, and raisins do not belong in mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese is comfort food. It's a simple dish you can dress up with bacon bits or different types of cheese and maybe bread crumbs. Plenty of families have someone who's famous for their mac and cheese recipe. But after TikTok user @TexyKitchen1 put raisins in a mac and cheese dish she made for her husband, the internet had no problem speaking up, reports Mashable.

This TikTok user is no home cook just trying something new—she's actually a professional chef with a TikTok following of well over 1.7 million. The video of the mac and cheese atrocity received over 90K comments, many of them not in favor of the raisin addition. Even the official TikTok account commented, asking if this was "the place to complain about raisins." And Sun-Maid, a raisin and dried fruit company, commented, "Ya even we can't get on board..." Meanwhile, some of the other comments included, "nope. you're done. You're done," and "You lost me at raisins."

Some of the other ingredients used in the video look a bit questionable as well. The chef starts out with a whole block of cheese in the middle of the dish and surrounds it with elbow pasta. She then pours in milk, water and possibly truffle shavings? It's hard to tell. Then, she goes over it with an LED hair dryer? I don't know what that thing is. It just looks plain unnecessary. After that, she sprinkles some shredded cheese onto the dish and pops it in the oven.

Me, I'm going to stick to my basic mac and cheese—maybe with some chicken and broccoli thrown in. When a literal raisin company vetoes the use of raisins in your recipe, it might be time to pack it in. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Sometimes the experts get it right and sometimes they don't. I'm leaning toward the latter on this one.