TikTok Is Back At It Again, This Time With Oreo Sushi

TikTok hack videos always set off new crazes: This one just involves two ingredients, Oreos and milk.

At this point there's no denying that TikTok has been slowly making its mark on the food world (or been chipping away at it, depending on your perspective). The bite-sized videos are responsible for many recent food crazes, like the tortilla hack, that leave our psyches almost as soon as they enter them. Nonetheless, some people have found lucrative but stressful-sounding careers dreaming up TikTok recipes, and it's pretty astounding.

The newest trend, which I'm sure is going to burn out just as fast as the others, is Oreo sushi. Taste of Home reports that it only requires two ingredients: Oreos and milk (any kind will do). Sounds simple enough. There is a bit of manual labor involved: you need to remove the filling from the cookies, then finely crush the wafers and blend the crumbs with enough milk to form a paste. Then you'll need to roll the cookies out into a flat sheet between two sheets of plastic wrap, spread the cookie filling on top, roll it all up into a log, and slice it into small circles.

@siennasweets_, a 14-year-old TikTok-er from from Melbourne, Australia, either invented or popularized this method (with TikTok, it's hard to tell) in this video.

This seems like a fun activity to waste a few hours, and it leaves you with a fun dessert to share with your friends. I'm sure you could also use this method with lots of different types of filled cookies. Maybe those peanut butter sandwich Girl Scout cookies, with a little bit of jelly on the side for dipping. Or a Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie cookie sandwich. You get the idea. But in any case, it doesn't look like this whole TikTok thing is going anywhere yet, so we might as well have fun with it.