TikTok Users Are Scrambling To Try This Egg Challenge

The precision and patience required is expert level.

Food TikTok is a satisfying and mesmerizing wonderland of video content, and the latest trend there has us unable to peel our eyes away—see what I did there? Videos of people painstakingly peeling uncooked eggs are gaining millions of views, per TikTok's Discover page.

The hashtag #eggpeelchallenge has gained 45.5 million views so far, with some of the most popular videos racking up almost 95,000 views apiece. The challenge is to peel a raw egg using a small tool such as a metal pick or tweezers. The goal: to carefully strip away the outer shell while keeping the membrane surrounding the yolk and white intact, explains the Food Network. Thankfully the stakes are not all that high, but this challenge does give me Squid Game vibes.

While chipping away at a delicate shell can be very visually appealing, there is apparently some utility to taking on the egg peel challenge. Doctors and dentists have used egg peeling as a way to practice and keep up their surgical skills which of course also requires a steady hand and patience, according to the New York Post. I think anyone with a light touch and time to kill has a good shot at completing this challenge, but you'll need to be willing to lose some eggs in the process. (Don't throw those eggs away! Fry them up instead.)

I'm an avid viewer of TikToks. In fact, the universe may have been sending me a sign the other day that I need to cut back, because I dropped my phone on my face and busted my lip while scrolling through TikTok. In any case, I am a viewer, not a participant. But the egg peel challenge may just be the one to try. I think I'm willing to sacrifice one egg and a pair of tweezers to see if I have any type of surgeon potential.