The Experts Have Spoken And Made A List Of The Best Drinking Glasses Your Money Can Buy

I'm one of those people who started out with a nice set of glasses years ago. As those years went by, the glasses shattered one by one in various mishaps and fumbles. Replacements sprang up in the form of pint glasses from breweries and events and cheap plastic cups that appeared from the ether. Someday, though, I may return to those golden days of matching cups because now I'm armed with expert guidance on what to get.

Thanks to this piece from New York Magazine, we have a panel of experts who have professional opinions on the stuff. The picks range from glasses you can get in bulk at a restaurant supply store to fancy ones you can pick up at places like Crate & Barrel. If you're going to get some from a restaurant supply store, however, I'd recommend you go in on a set with some friends unless you need a set of 72 water glasses all in one go.

First on the list are those ubiquitous inverted ribby glasses that you see at so many restaurants, the Duralex Picardie glass tumblers. You can bring the sensation of dining out right back to your living room. Unless you're a thief who's stolen glasses from a restaurant and you already have them, in which case, I don't know you. Then there's the very first set of glasses I've ever purchased for myself, Libbey's Polaris glasses, which are heavy bottomed and don't knock over easily, but eventually all got destroyed. Most of these picks are affordable aside from the occasional fancy set, but if you're looking for some ideas for yourself or as a gift for a person who needs drinking glasses, this is a good place to start.