These Airlines Are Serving Booze Again, Thank God

After unruly passenger behavior during peaks of the pandemic, booze is finally being sold on airplanes again.

As many of you know, flying and alcohol don't always mix well. In fact, the combination became so toxic during the pandemic that multiple airlines straight up removed the sale of booze due to unruly passengers. (Is it really that hard not to be an asshole when you drink?) Things got so bad that even the Senate got involved late last year. Slowly but surely, though, alcohol sales are resuming on airplanes, and I can only hope people have learned their goddamn lessons by now.

What airlines are now serving alcohol?

CNBC reports that American Airlines will resume the sale of alcohol on domestic and short-haul international flights starting on April 18, when the current federal mask mandate is set to expire. American is the final major U.S. carrier to bring back booze. However, since we're always on a teeter totter when it comes to the pandemic, it'll be hard to predict whether or not the mask mandate will be extended by then.


Southwest Airlines also brought back alcohol sales last month. This is after many months of banning the practice due to unruly passengers, some of whom even assaulted flight attendants over masking requirements, as The New York Times reported last year.

American isn't raising prices on drinks, though. Considering they're already not cheap, that's good, I guess. A beer will go for $8 and hard alcohol, including some new offerings from Aviation Gin, will be available for $9. Personally I have a hard time drinking on airplanes because it gives me headaches, but hey, you do you.

It's not just alcohol that's coming back. Hot food was reinstated at both American and Delta Air Lines last month in first class, which I'm sure is a welcome upgrade to cheese plates and cold soggy sandwiches. So if any of you are off for a fun trip, have fun and all, but don't get wasted on an airplane and cause some shit, because if they take alcohol away again, I'm blaming you.