The Search For A Hangover Cure Continues

New research analyzed 21 hangover remedies. Zero were considered effective.

Stay hydrated, eat greasy food, take an aspirin... everyone has their way of reviving their body after a night of drinking. Hangover treatments are common, but do any of them actually work? Well, one study conducted in the United Kingdom by four doctors says, unfortunately, there's still no cure for hangovers.

The study examined 21 "treatments" for hangovers, including artichoke extract, Korean pear juice, red ginseng, and prickly pear, writes Food & Wine. Although the study did not include a test of common medicinal remedies like Tylenol or aspirin, it did examine brands like Rapid Recovery specifically aimed at hangovers. After conducting randomized trials of each type of potential hangover cure the authors of the study concluded that "Only very low quality evidence of efficacy is available to recommend any pharmacologically active intervention for the treatment or prevention of alcohol-induced hangover."

How to treat a hangover

While there still isn't a certified cure for hangovers, there are remedies that can reduce the symptoms. The Takeout's Hangover Helper series has a plethora of knowledge for you to treat and maybe even prevent the booze flu (at least until a real cure is discovered). For example, registered dietitian nutritionist Erica Battin can not emphasize enough how important water is for preventing and relieving a hangover. And Nandini Khaund, former manager of the beverage program for the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, recommends a spicy bowl of ramen or tacos and a gigantic Coca-Cola on ice as a sort of detox for your body.


We also have answers for the age-old question: Does mixing mixing different alcohols increase your risk of a hangover?

Sure, the obvious answer to all this is to drink less or not at all, but we'd rather put some top scientists on the hunt for a better solution. This new study may not have revealed the end-all cure we've been waiting for, but it's great to know there are trained professionals out there conducting this important research.