The Most Popular Super Bowl Party Dips, By State

The "meat & seafood" category took the most states, with cheese dips not far behind.

You could have all the chicken wings and snacks, but without chips and dips, your spread is incomplete. Knowing this, Google Trends gathered data on the top searched game day dips by state and shared it with The Takeout.

On a national scale, there was a healthy mix of dip bases from coast to coast over the past week. Google Trends separated dip bases into five categories: meat & seafood, veggie, cheese, dips based on an actual dish, and others. The meat & seafood category took over 14 states with dips like Buffalo Chicken Dip, sausage dip, and (very uniquely) crab dip taking the top spot in Washington. Veggie-based dips claimed nine states, with artichoke and spinach dips being the more common—but corn dip was the most-searched dip in Texas, and cranberry jalapeño dip took Oklahoma.

Cheese-based dips pulled out a strong showing with nine states, including Pepper Jelly Cheese dip being the most popular search in Alabama, and straight up cream cheese dip being the most popular in Alaska. Personally intriguing to me is pickle dip, which fell into the cheese-based category and took the top spot in South Dakota. The Takeout's home state of Illinois had Chili Cheese dip as the top-searched destination.

Dips that were based on an actual dip were the most popular, with 11 states searching for them. Some of the most unique winners included pepperoni pizza dip in Arizona and Hoagie dip in Maryland. In the "other" category, which claimed five states, you'll find fun dips like No-Bake Peanut Butter dip in Montana and 7-layer dip in Florida.

In addition to analyzing state by state dip preferences, Google Trends also pulled insights on the top-searched Super Bowl cocktails. Notably, this search analysis looked at cocktails and not good ole' fashion brewskis. The top five searched cocktails (from most popular to least) were Super Bowl punch, Michelada, Paloma, Mojito, and Margarita. The true winner in this analysis is quite obviously tequila, considering it's the base liquor for three of the top five searched cocktails. Who says you can't throw a little tequila in with your Michelada as well?

Whether you're rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles is of no concern to me. Where your dip loyalty lies is another matter. Will you be repping your state's chosen dip?