The Best Way To Eat A Stacked Burger

Stop letting all the good stuff in your burger fall out.

I love a stacked burger. Lettuce, Tomato, pickles, cheese, sauce, maybe an egg in there. Pile it all on. But the saddest moment is when you take a bite and it all slips out the other side. After many burger messes, I have found a solution.

Typically, at a restaurant when you order a burger that is piled high with toppings, it comes with a toothpick or skewer of some kind to hold it all in place. Of course, you could just leave that toothpick in and try to eat around it while it keeps your burger secure, but that's no way to live. Others might also tell you to slice the burger in half, so you can get a better grip on a smaller piece. The problem there is that you'll still have some slippery ingredients popping out the other side after your first bite—and that's only if you can slice it cleanly enough that everything hasn't squashed out already.

How to eat a burger without spills

What you should do is take the burger firmly with both hands and take that first bite into it quickly. Just a normal, decisive bite. You're going to start to see the ingredients pushing out the other side, but do not panic. Rotate the burger in your hands approximately 180 degrees and bite into the side that with the ingredients slipping out. If anything slips and slides on this bite, rotate the burger again and bite into the problem area. Repeat as needed.


This approach might leave you with a burger in the shape of a bow tie or dog bone. But that's okay! Just keep a firm grip and continue biting into the sides of your burger that look like ingredients are slipping out.

My technique might sound painfully simple—or even dumb—but I promise it has not failed me. Hardly a stray piece of lettuce or slice of tomato hits the plate when I eat a burger this way. Plus, you get perfect bites each time, with all the ingredients represented front and center. The disappointment of only biting into pure burger patty and bread while all the fun stuff squeezes out the other side is not an experience I accept anymore.

This method also works for tacos, so you'll never miss out on any of that delicious filling ever again. You might receive some weird stares or judgy remarks for your eating methods, but do those people have a lot of stray condiments and toppings slopped onto their plate? Yeah, I thought so. Ignore these people.