TGI Fridays Debuts Massive Holiday Cocktail Menu For 2023

It seems there's a TGI Fridays cocktail for every Scrooge and jolly elf in your group.

Guys, let's go get drunk at TGI Fridays. As part of a complete revamp of its beverage program that seeks to take the restaurant "back to its bar roots," TGI Fridays has announced a brand-new Claus for Celebration holiday drinks menu featuring no fewer than 14 new seasonal cocktails. Now that's the holiday spirit.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "Who the hell needs 14 different holiday-themed drinks to choose from?" and if you're not, I definitely was. A double-digit lineup of holiday cocktails might seem excessive, but with that much holiday cheer, there's an opportunity for you and your coworkers to have a Christmas gathering none of you will remember forget.

"At Fridays, we're all about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our fun-loving guests," said Tiffany Wilburn, SVP of marketing at TGI Fridays. "And whether bar hopping or stopping in for dinner and drinks, we want to ensure there are unique and appealing offerings that can be enjoyed by our wide variety of guests."

Holiday office party drinking jokes aside, TGI Fridays, like others in the industry, must also contend with the growing trend of those opting not to drink alcohol at all. Among the 14 holiday drinks debuting at the restaurant chain this season, there are three non-alcoholic options.

Fridays notes in its announcement that its team of culinary and beverage experts incorporated fresh-squeezed juices, in-house syrups, and visual elements like torched cocktail toppers to add more texture to each drink (and presumably more Instagrammability, too). Just imagine having a Peppermint Christmas in Jalisco: "Feel the mint chill with Patron Silver, chilled Ghirardelli cocoa, whipped vanilla foam, and peppermint." Personally, I don't think my Christmas in Jalisco would include much peppermint, but tequila does offer a warm, fuzzy feeling. Sounds like Christmas to me.

Here are the drinks on offer at Fridays for the holidays:

  • Henny Sweater Weather: A chilled house-mulled cider made with Hennessy V.S Cognac.
  • Spruced Up Spritz: A vivid green sip mixing Hendrick's, Midori, La Marca Prosecco, and seltzer.
  • The Flying Reindeer: Bring the energy with Bacardi Rum, Midori, agave, citrus, and Red Bull Red Watermelon.
  • Chilled Cocoa: A cool spin on hot cocoa, this non-alcoholic sip features chilled Ghirardelli cocoa, torched whipped vanilla foam, and graham cracker.
  • Spiced & Spiked Cider: Mt. Gay Eclipse Rum is mixed with house-mulled cider, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, and clove for a festive sip. Plus, this cider is served in a limited-edition Claus for Celebration collectible mug* (Mug also available with non-alcoholic Spiced Cider)
  • Skrewed Up S'mores: Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, DeKuyper Crème de Cocoa, and chilled Ghirardelli cocoa are mixed and topped with torched whipped vanilla foam and a graham cracker for the ultimate holiday treat.
  • Peppermint Christmas in Jalisco: Feel the mint chill with Patron Silver, chilled Ghirardelli cocoa, whipped vanilla foam, and peppermint.
  • Triple Berry Sleigh Ride Shooter: Smirnoff Vodka, blackberry, cranberry, lemon, and strawberry sugar are combined for the merriest of sips.
  • Star Anise Old Fashioned: Stay true to the classics with this Bulleit Bourbon and house-made star anise simple syrup old fashioned.
  • Uncle Nearest's Winter Sour: Notes of blood orange, herbs, and rosemary elevate this spin on a whiskey sour.
  • Blackberry Long Island Iced Tea: Brighten your spirits with a fruity sip combining Skyy Vodka, Cruzan Aged Light Rum, New Amsterdam Gin, Christian Brother's Brandy, fresh blackberries, agave, and citrus.
  • Pumpkin Spiced Espresso-tini: An autumnal take on a trending classic mixes Absolut Vodka, Frangelico, pumpkin, and Owen's Nitro Espresso.
  • Naughty Blood Orange Margarita: Raise your glass with this elevated, citrusy take on the classic margarita.
  • Nice Blood Orange Margarita: No alcohol? No problem! Fresh, bright, and citrus notes take center stage in this non-alcoholic beverage featuring Spiritless Jalisco 55.

There you have it. TGI Fridays does not give a flying reindeer about being over the top this holiday season, as they hope to cater to anyone looking to bar-hop, clink glasses, and screw up some s'mores with Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey. Bottom line: Fridays wants customers to drink and be very, very merry.