New Jersey Releases Its Stranglehold On Taco Tuesday

Taco Bell has done it again—and this time it’s national.

The battle for Taco Tuesday has been a long and hard fought one, and though many might have thought it had finally come to an end this summer, there was still one loose string. Until now. The last thread has officially been cut, and the phrase "Taco Tuesday" is now truly free to be used by one and all.


A bit of background, for those just entering the fray. Previously, the phrase "Taco Tuesday" was trademarked in 49 states by the Wyoming-based restaurant chain Taco John's. Although many have disputed the restaurant's claims that it invented the phrase, the company had no qualms about asserting its legal rights by sending out cease and desist letters to other businesses that attempted to use the phrase in their marketing.

In May of this year, Taco Bell decided enough was enough and announced it would be taking up the mantle to free the phrase from this tyranny. After some very public beef and ad campaigns capitalizing on the highly visible legal battle, Taco John's finally relinquished its hold on "Taco Tuesday." It seemed the war was over, but in fact it was only over in 49 states—one outlier remained.


In the state of New Jersey, Gregory's Restaurant & Bar still owned the trademark for "Taco Tuesday," and Taco Bell had one more adversary to take down if the phrase was to be truly free. Gregory Gregory, co-owner of the business, told Reuters back in July that there were no plans to give up the trademark and he was "shocked" Taco John's gave up so soon.

But oh, how the tortillas flip. Gregory's has now given up its claim to the phrase in New Jersey.

"Taco Tuesday has always been a source of pride for my family and our restaurant, but we recognize Taco Tuesday is widely celebrated and embraced beyond our four walls," said Gregory Gregory, per Taco Bell's recent announcement. "We're excited to share Taco Tuesday with the entire New Jersey community and though we've relinquished the trademark registration, you can bet Taco Tuesdays will live on at Gregory's forever."

In celebration of the phrase's freedom, Taco Bell is offering its rewards members in New Jersey a free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos on November 21 when ordered through the app.

"Taco Bell wants everyone to have the opportunity to celebrate Taco Tuesday, including Gregory's Restaurant and Bar," said Taco Bell chief global brand and strategy officer Sean Tresvant in the announcement. "Thanks to Gregory's choice to relinquish the trademark registration, New Jersey businesses and fans can fully enjoy Taco Tuesday, effective immediately."