Taco Bell Hot Sauce Dispute Gets Too Hot-Headed, Requires Police Intervention

File under: Police intervention required at fast food window. In Rexburg, Idaho, police had to be called after a surly interaction between Taco Bell employees and a cranky customer.

According to the Rexburg Standard Journal, the customer allegedly wanted extra hot sauce packets (a sentiment I often feel as well), but the employees weren't so keen on handing it over. The customer then refused to leave the drive-through line, causing a hold up in parking lot traffic. The police were called, and the customer left, thankfully with no major incidents other than probably being a major grump about it.

There's a part of me that wonders why there's so much misbehavior at fast food and chain restaurants. Is it because Americans find themselves in these locations so often that it's just statistically more likely to happen there? Or do people tend to crave fast food when they're already hopping mad? I remember the era in which Chuck E. Cheese restaurants seemed like they had turned into gladiator stadiums with fights seemingly breaking out between parents every other week. Apparently Chuck brings out the absolute worst in people.

This list also alleges that someone tossed an alligator through a Wendy's drive-through window, another person impersonated a police officer to cut a long Whataburger line, and a man got in trouble for trying to ride his horse through the Taco Bell drive-through lane. One story from last year involved a man, dubbed a "modern day Hamburglar" by police (wrong chain, guys), breaking into a Wendy's. He stole a safe, but not before fixing himself a hamburger. And this year, a burglar decided to make himself a pizza before he ran off with some money and the pizzeria's delivery car.

Nothing tops my favorite, though: A man who was fishing for metal objects in a river somehow ended up with a WWII-era grenade and brought it to a Taco Bell. The police came and eventually disposed of the grenade safely. Next time I get a Crunchwrap I'll be sure to thank everyone twice and refrain from asking for extra hot sauce.