Taco Bell's Breakfast Menu Is Back And Full Of Burritos

If you’ve missed those breakfast burritos, it’s time to rejoice.

During the pandemic, Taco Bell slashed a crapload of stuff off its menu, like the 7-Layer Burrito and the Mexican Pizza. And last year, in the name of menu streamlining and changing protocols, the fast food chain also had to pause its breakfast service altogether (here's a refresher from Nation's Restaurant News, in case you forgot). But the big news today, according to a press release sent to The Takeout is that Taco Bell breakfast is back in full force.

You can expect to see these glorious comeback items on the menu:

  • Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito: This one's got double the serving of scrambled eggs, potato bites, a three-cheese blend, sausage or bacon, and pico de gallo.
  • Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito: Expect eggs, bacon, or sausage, a hash brown, and a three cheese blend.
  • Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito: It has eggs, sausage, and nacho cheese sauce.
  • Who doesn't love a breakfast burrito? Taco Bell has also teamed up with Lil Nas X, who's been appointed as the "Chief Impact Officer." (I wonder if that job was listed on job boards.) If you didn't know, the rap superstar worked for Taco Bell back in 2017 in the Atlanta area, and the upcoming ad campaign collab features the slogan "Live Nas." Live Nas. I have to admit I chuckled at that one.

    To kick off his Taco Bell stardom, you'll see Lil Nas X make a cameo in Taco Bell's breakfast advertisements, which debut today. Of course, there'll be plenty of cross promotion for his music, like the upcoming release of his new album, Montero. He's also supporting the Taco Bell Foundation, which provides scholarships and grants to Taco Bell employees.

    While I've only had Taco Bell's breakfast a few times, I kept forgetting it ever existed. I'm so used to housing Burrito Supremes and nachos that it never occurs to me to order breakfast there. Are any of you excited that Taco Bell's breakfast made a comeback? Let us know what the best breakfast order is.