This Taco Bell Item Is Returning For The First Time In Almost 10 Years

Users of the mobile app cast their votes for which item should make a comeback.

It's official: The Enchirito is coming back at Taco Bell, and we now know when. Taco Bell had customers vote on whether the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito should make its glorious return, and the people have, through the Taco Bell mobile app, officially spoken, with the winner receiving 62% of the votes. Guys, I'm fucking excited about this.

What is the Taco Bell Enchirito?

For those who aren't in the know, the Enchirito is essentially Taco Bell's take on an enchilada, though it's also supposed to be a hybrid of a beef and bean burrito, too. It's a rolled-up flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, refried beans, and onions, then the whole thing is absolutely drowned in red sauce, topped with shredded cheese, and heated until the cheese on top is melted. It's definitely utensil food, which is pretty rare on the Taco Bell menu.


When is the Enchirito coming back?

Unfortunately, this beloved menu item is only coming back for a very short time. It returns for two weeks, November 17 through November 30, so you'll have to get your fill quickly. (Pro tip: ask them to add sour cream on top when you order one.)


"Taco Bell keeps a steady pulse on its fans' cravings... and is thrilled that so many of its Rewards members felt empowered by this program!" a Taco Bell representative told The Takeout via email about the in-app voting process. "Over 760K votes were tallied since the polls opened on September 27 to when they closed on October 6."

Over 760,000 votes—that is a lot of people interacting with Taco Bell's mobile app, which is easily a win for the brand's interactive marketing push.

There are, of course, ups and downs with fast food mobile app usage. We've got mixed feelings because while they allow us to resurrect beloved menu items like the Enchirito, they can also be one big customer data grab. For its part, Taco Bell is very pleased with how the vote went.


"Taco Bell considers it a win any time the brand is able to interact directly with its fans and looks forward to fans' reactions to the comeback item when it rolls out next month," said a representative.

The Enchirito was first introduced to Taco Bell's menu in 1970, but began with a corn tortilla. Its formula changed over the years when the corn tortilla was replaced with a flour one, and the wet enchilada-burrito hybrid came on and off the menu until 2013, which is the last time we saw one (unless you asked nicely and were lucky).

It's not often you get to see such an old item brought back to a fast food menu, since the logistics of such an execution (and on this kind of scale) can be complicated and time-consuming. Taco Bell, if you're listening, I'd like to experience the Bell Beefer next. If voter turnout this time around was any indication, I have a feeling there would be plenty of people willing to cast a vote for that mysterious bygone sandwich.