Bizarre Taco Bell Delivery Mistake Leaves Reddit Confused

A Reddit user claims his DoorDash order contained no food at all.

When ordering food delivery, screw-ups happen on a relatively routine basis. The mistake usually amounts to a missing ingredient or menu item, nothing that can't be quickly rectified by the restaurant. But Reddit user TheCrick alleges that when his Taco Bell order arrived last night via DoorDash, instead of the food he ordered, he received something else entirely: a full official Taco Bell employee uniform. You can check out the Reddit thread here.

TheCrick, real name John C., is from Louisville, Kentucky, and he spoke with The Takeout about this bizarre fast food experience.

Taco Bell, DoorDash, and the tale of an order gone wrong

"I ordered TB via DD [DoorDash] for delivery last night," John told The Takeout via Reddit message. "The driver showed up, handed me my drink and the bag. Which I felt was super light for the expected contents. But I shrugged and took upstairs to my condo."


We've all had that experience, right? Even before opening the bag, sometimes it's evident that some stuff might be missing from the order. But not usually this much stuff.

"Upon getting seated and unsealing the bag I noted the shirt and apron in the poly bags and thought this was some joke," he continued. "I messaged the DoorDasher to see if this was some promo or joke. He was mystified and had never seen anything like this. I contacted DoorDash which offered to redeliver."

John explained that the uniform had been delivered in a regular Taco Bell bag, sealed with the proper food stickers and all, along with John's order receipt taped to the outside. Obviously, the receipt, which specified a Mexican Pizza, Soft Taco Supreme, Nacho Doritos Locos Taco, a chili cheese burrito, a steak quesadilla, and a Baja Blast—a rock-solid order, in my opinion—did not match the alleged contents of the bag at all. The uniform appears to have included an employee T-shirt, a visor, and an apron, all branded with the Bell.


What does one do with official employee garb they never asked for? "I'm going to rock the visor and may use the apron in the kitchen," John said. "The shirt is a large, which is small for me, may give to my goddaughter to enjoy. Or perhaps show up to the store and ask about benefits."

Why did Taco Bell deliver a uniform via DoorDash?

According to the Reddit thread, John requested that DoorDash redeliver the food, since all he'd received from his order was the Baja Blast. One commenter suggested a potential scenario that might have led to this unlikely delivery: "An employee just received a uniform and it was mistaken as a food order. Sometimes people throw their stuff in a bag to take home." However, another user counters that the bag had been sealed with a sticker, which is a step you probably wouldn't take if you were just transporting your own clothes.


There are also a lot of jokes in the thread about John being conscripted into Taco Bell service—which I'm sure The Bell would love, considering fast food's staffing issues these days.

All's well that ends (mostly) well: John tells The Takeout he eventually received the rest of his order, but only got four out of the sixteen hot sauce packets he'd requested. He attempted to contact Taco Bell via Twitter, but says that he has yet to receive a reply. We have also reached out to Taco Bell for comment. Whatever the case, this DoorDash saga takes brand swag to a whole new level.