Taco Bell's $1 Menu Might Be Going Away, Reddit Speculates

Users are noticing that the $1 item list is shrinking, while $2 items take their place.

Taco Bell always has a sneaky way of taking beloved items from us. Oftentimes, it'll be done with no warning, like in the case of the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. Other times, Taco Bell just yanks away some of our favorites like the Mexican Pizza in planned menu trimmings, which was particularly devastating to some of us. Users on Reddit are now speculating that Taco Bell is putting a squeeze play on $1 items on the value menu, by crowding it with $2 items instead.

A thread titled "I'm shocked nobody has discussed this yet, dollar menu is on life support" shows a screenshot of future 2022 first quarter Taco Bell plans from Taco Bell enthusiast site Living Más. It appears that the Value Menu is getting smaller.

The remaining $1 items are paltry, leaving the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito, Cinnamon Twists, Spicy Potato Soft Taco, and the Cheesy Roll Up. That means the Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce, Beef Burrito, and Chicken Chipotle melt, which are currently $1 and on the Value Menu, are being dropped. This also means that none of the last few $1 items will have any meat in them.

That being said, some $2 items will be added, which are the Beefy Melt Burrito, Chipotle Ranch Chicken Burrito, and Fiesta Veggie Burrito. I guess this is our consolation prize, huh?

Back in my tighter purse string days, living off dollar menus was key, for a bit. A $3 lunch in a hurry was easy on the wallet, and filled my stomach when I needed it, so I can understand the dismay in some people's responses.

One user straight up said, "They are going to have to fire the CEO, this menu has gone to shit." Sorry pal, that's probably not going to happen, but I understand your emotional response.

Another user commented about the three new additions, saying:

They're not just not $1, they're not even on the value menu at all. If this was a genuine move out of $1 because of inflation, they'd be $1.50 TOPS to keep that value proposition... but instead they continue to be profit hungry to meet investor satisfaction.

You can't even get Chips and Cheese Dip. You get Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito or a Potato Soft Taco. That's you're $1 food point. Wow.

But don't worry, for $2 you can get a rip off Beefy Crunch. Sorted!

And of course, someone brought up a possible culprit, inflation, saying, "omg fast food prices have gone up?! You all expect to be paying $1 forever? Welcome to the real world, inflation and cost of food is through the roof the last year."

The passion of the Living Mas subreddit is palpable. If I only had that kind of energy in such a cruel world. Are any of you emotionally invested in Taco Bell's current Value Menu? What are your opinions?