If Nicholas Braun Eats Soap, Would You?

The Super Bowl UberEats commercial forced a government safety warning.

This year's Super Bowl ads leaned heavy on the celebrity cameos, but apparently what was missing was some explicit instructions. After UberEats aired an ad that showed celebrities drinking dish soap and biting pencils, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission tweeted a safety warning.


The UberEats ad played on the fact that the delivery service has expanded to offer delivery of household items like cleaning products, candles, pet products. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Coolidge, and Nicholas Braun can be seen eating and drinking multiple products not fit for consumption.

Another celebrity appearance by Trevor Noah explains the message of the ad directly. The host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, says, "Thanks to Uber Eats, we don't even know what food is anymore!" Jennifer Cooldige also adds, "We can't Eats any of this." That part was pretty funny to me, and made me wonder about the odd things people crave but can't eat. Eating a candle like Gwyneth Paltrow not safe at all, but I mean if it the scent is something like cinnamon apple pie, how could you not think about it?


Text at the bottom of the advertisement does read, "Prop food. Do not eat..." But apparently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission must have felt that fine print wasn't enough and somewhere out there people would think, hey if Cousin Greg can chug dish soap, so can I. In response to the ad, the Commission tweeted, "Do not eat soap."

Surprisingly, the agency didn't continue the joke by issuing warnings about the other products eaten in the ad, like cat litter, a pencil, a diaper, and a lightbulb. People eat cat litter, a pencil, a diaper, a candle, and light bulb. Instead, the agency followed up their original tweet with a few animal-related memes reminding people not to consume soap and to keep medicine locked up and away from children.

Weird transition, but I suppose the safety commission saw an opportunity and pounced on it.