The 10 Most Searched Super Bowl Recipes On Google

Google Trends has revealed the most popular Super Bowl LVIII appetizers and snacks.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest food celebrations of the year, one whose festivities involve sitting in front of the TV and eating just about everything for hours on end. So it's no wonder that millions of people prepare for these gatherings by Googling the best party recipes.

Google Trends has released its annual collection of the most searched Super Bowl recipes over the past month, and the list comes with a fair amount of surprises. It's not just about which recipes are included, but also which ones aren't: Buffalo wing recipes, for example, don't even crack the top 10. Let's take a look at which recipes everyone's Googling as we head toward Super Bowl LVIII.

10. Cheesecake

There's always counter space reserved for sweets at every Super Bowl party, particularly finger foods like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. Apparently some people are planning on serving cheesecake, however, because this was what took the tenth place in the list of most searched Super Bowl recipes on Google this year.


We have plenty of cheesecake recipes for you, but if you're not feeling so much like cooking, hey, you can always pick something up from The Cheesecake Factory. Check out our user-friendly take on cheesecake here.

9. Alfredo sauce

Apparently some people are planning on serving pasta at their Super Bowl gatherings, and I hope for the sake of their upholstery that they're planning to watch the game from their dining room table instead of the couch. Alfredo sauce made it to the ninth spot of the most Googled Super Bowl recipes. Good thing it's easy to make, because we've got our own recipe that doesn't even involve Googling. Read our recipe for Alfredo fettucine here.


8. Pizza dough

Pizza, of course, is a game day staple, and for those who aren't in the mood for delivery, homemade pizza is always an option. We've got dough recipes, pizza sauce recipes, and even have a recommendation of the best cheese to use for your scratch-made pies. But if you want to experience a true taste of the Midwest, try our version of a tavern-style pie here.


7. Goulash

"Goulash" refers to a stew made of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika. But in the United States, it takes on a decidedly different form of macaroni noodles mixed with beef and tomato sauce, sort of like chili mac. While both versions are great, we've got a recipe for the traditional version that's hearty enough for the Super Bowl. Check out our traditional-style goulash recipe here.


6. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes make for a terrific Super Bowl dish, because you can keep the filling heated in a slow cooker and leave buns out for your guests to serve themselves. What's interesting about the name is that there's another sandwich called a sloppy Joe, only in New Jersey, that's a double- or triple-decker sandwich made with two deli meats, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing. Nevertheless, it's safe to assume that Google users were referring to the ground beef kind.


But if you've ever been curious about where that name for the sandwich comes from, we were too. Read more about the name of the sloppy Joe here, and then go make yourself a batch using this recipe.

5. Sliders

There's nothing like bite-sized finger food during the Super Bowl that you can pile high upon your plate. So many people are searching for Game Day slider recipes that they've landed in fifth place among Google's most searched Super Bowl foods. Look no further than our recipe for copycat White Castle sliders.


4. Meatballs

Meatballs are a versatile party food because you can treat them like finger food with toothpicks or turn them into a sandwich. And nothing is better than those classic Crock-Pot meatballs with their one unconventional ingredient: grape jelly. The tangy, sweet sauce is always a hit with any crowd, and the flavors set in nicely the next day, too. Read our recipe for grape jelly meatballs here.


3. Meatloaf

Some of the most searched recipes on Google leading up to the Super Bowl are head-scratchers, and meatloaf's third-place ranking is definitely an example of that. But hey, the Super Bowl starts at a time that many families consider dinnertime, so if you're an eat-on-the-couch sort of household anyway, meatloaf starts to make more sense.


Meatloaf is divisive, but if you're planning on making some for the Super Bowl, we also have some tips on how to make yours the greatest. Read a chef's advice for making the best meatloaf.

2. Chili

The Super Bowl always airs during one of the coldest months of the year, which is why chili is such a great a game day staple. There are a million different ways to enjoy chili, like from a can, or as a topping for something else. But if you're aiming for homemade chili so good it can win a blue ribbon, we've got some tips for your next batch. Read more about our chili competition advice here.


1. Shrimp scampi

The most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipe on Google this year is... shrimp scampi. Yes, you read that correctly. Garlicky and buttery shrimp scampi is not a dish we've ever seen served as part of any Super Bowl spread, but okay! Shrimp is eminently toothpick-friendly, so maybe a communal plate of shrimp scampi is a nice way to introduce shellfish to the mix.


Speaking of unusual, if you want an unconventional shrimp scampi recipe, we have a suggestion for you: Why not try making it with leftover Papa Johns special garlic dipping sauce? Read more about Papa Johns shrimp scampi here.