SUNNYD And Oscar Mayer Are Both Dropping Hot Swag Today

Week after week, the food-based merch just keeps on coming.

I'm usually not one for branded clothing, but sometimes it's hard to ignore stuff that reminds you of your childhood. For example, we got press releases informing us of two big brands dropping limited-time-only nostalgic clothing lines this week: Oscar Mayer and SUNNYD. If you're an 80's or 90's kid, I'm sure you remember each brand's classic ads.

The SUNNYD line is small, with only four items in the shop. There are two hats (one beanie, one baseball cap, both $25), a t-shirt ($20), and a hoodie ($55). All items are simply emblazoned with the Sunny D logo and are bright orange. Wearing any of this stuff should help prevent you from getting run over by cars, but don't take that as official safety advice.

The Oscar Mayer line sports more of a modern, yet retro, streetwear feel, with the brand's familiar red and yellow logo on every item. This line is much more expansive, including smaller items like a fanny pack, a bucket hat, and sandals, and other clothing including shirts and even a full track suit. Items are priced from $3 to $65. You won't be able to find these items in an online store, however; they'll be sold at specialty hot dog kiosks in Los Angeles on September 29, Atlanta on September 30, and New York on October 1.

We're well aware of the fact that food-branded merch is a hot thing this past year. And yes, it's definitely a way for loyal customers to parade around like walking billboards. Of course, we should also reemphasize the underlying motive behind the merch: collecting consumer data.

I'm sure plenty of my data is stored in databases everywhere. But hey, I like hot dogs, I like orange-flavored drinks, and I'm required to wear clothes, so who knows, you might see me fully decked out in food gear walking down the street. As they say, life is a rich tapestry, and I expect to be invited to the Met Gala next year. Probably dressed as a SUNNYD/hot dog-covered gentleman with a casual, yet streetwear-savvy fashion sense. Ha. Who am I kidding?