Subway Has Found Its Knight In Shining Armor

After a long search for a buyer, Subway belongs to Roark, owner of many quick-service restaurants.

The sale we were expecting has finally gone through: Subway has gone to the highest bidder. Reuters reports that the fast food sandwich chain is going to private equity firm Roark Capital Group for a cool $9.55 billion, which is almost as high as the $10 billion price at which Subway valued itself earlier this year. That's a lot of footlongs.

Why Roark Capital Group bought Subway

Roark Capital Group is a private equity firm with investments in multiple industries including health/wellness and education, but it also has many restaurant brands in its portfolio. Roark might not exactly be a household name, but it has a stake in, or outright owns, many fast food chains that are.


Some restaurant groups that Roark Capital has full or partial ownership in include: