Subway Japan Releases Its "Heaviest" Sub Yet, But We Aren't Convinced

By American standards, it’s still a pretty tame sandwich.

Learning about the fast food sold in different countries will always be fascinating to me. It's always entertaining to find out that Domino's sells stuff like Peking duck pizza in Australia, or that McDonald's sells fried chicken legs in Singapore. In this case, Subway Japan has released its heaviest sub to date, and Sora News 24 gave it a try to see if it lives up to the chain's bold proclamation.


The new sub is called The Wild Clubhouse. Anything that describes itself as "wild" better bring the noise, don't you think? Subway didn't advertise the sandwich as being a particular weight, but Sora News did confirm a plethora of fillings, noting that "There were eggs, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, chicken, bacon, and plenty of cracked pepper here, all smothered in a chipotle sauce." Perhaps it would break weight records if it used as much sauce as this particular Subway concoction.

The Wild Clubhouse sandwich that reporter K. Masami tasted didn't seem particularly weighty, in that it only contained 412 calories; for comparison's sake, a Big Mac contains around 550 calories. Masami noted that other Subway Japan options include the Pizza Basil Tomato Chicken, which is denser in calories (though she doesn't mention how many).


After trying the sandwich, Masami said that the standout flavor was in the chipotle sauce, which brought some heat. Another highlight was that the crunchy bacon was a good contrast to the soft chicken in the sandwich. In practice, it did seem a little skimpy due to its claims of being a hefty boy of a sandwich, but it left Masami feeling full anyway.

Overall, The Wild Clubhouse just sounds like a marketing stunt. There's nothing stopping you from making a custom version of a Subway sandwich by asking for six pounds of ham or something. But maybe avoid asking deep questions about the tuna, because I'm sure the employee is probably sick of fielding questions about it.