Subway Adds Its Most Ridiculous Item To The Permanent Menu

Fans can get a taste of Subway's footlong cookie before the nationwide release.

National Cookie Day comes around just once a year on December 4, but Subway has decided it's in the cookie business for the long haul—literally. The sandwich chain has announced it will be adding footlong cookies to its permanent menu beginning in December.

Subway footlong cookies, explained

Subway debuted its first-ever footlong sweet treat in 2022 as a limited-time offering to celebrate National Cookie Day. The promotion was a pop-up event at one Subway restaurant location in Miami. Those who attended were able to choose from four varieties of submarine-sized cookie, each inspired by the sandwiches on the Subway Series menu.


The first in the heavily topped cookie lineup was the the Subway Cookie Club. This footlong treat consisted of a double chocolate cookie covered in vanilla frosting, topped with more cookies (chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, and raspberry cheesecake), plus a dose of sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and raspberry sauce. The other cookies in the lineup included the MexiCali, The Monster, and The Great Pickle, which were all just as adorned as the Cookie Club (and yes, The Great Pickle included a hefty dose of real pickles).

Despite the horror some people expressed upon seeing these overly garnished cookies, Subway saw success in its Cookie Day offerings. The chain sold out of the four cookie varieties within two hours.


"The overwhelming response we received from fans around the country last year let us know that we needed to make the footlong cookie a permanent addition to our menu," said Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President, Culinary and Innovation at Subway.

Fabre describes the permanent cookie offering as even better than last year's novelty ones, calling the new footlong "thick, gooey, and packed with chocolate chips."

Where to try Subway’s footlong cookie for free

The footlong cookie isn't available nationwide quite yet, but before it rolls out to all locations next month, Subway will be offering a taste of the new menu item on National Cookie Day, December 4, at four restaurant locations in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and New York City. The locations, per the brand's announcement, are:

  • Chicago: 604 S Wabash Ave., Suite D, Chicago, IL 60605
  • Dallas: 1222 Commerce Street, Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75202
  • Miami: 2795 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140
  • New York City: 545 8 Ave., New York, NY 10018
  • The new cookie will only be available at these locations from 1-6 p.m. on December 4, and customers must purchase a sub sandwich to get the cookie for free. Pretty soon, the pizookie won't be the only enormously oversized chocolate-chip-studded dessert in town.