I'm Just Here For The Snacks And This Study Says You Are, Too

The study found that people who snack need at least two a day.

My name is Angela, and I am a snacker. Rather than eat three solid meals a day, I'd love to continuously reach for little treats throughout the day, and it looks like I'm not alone. Almost 69% of people prefer snacking during the day over eating full meals, according to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Lundberg Family Farms.

I may be short, but I can eat. I love food, but if we went out to eat my habits would seem to show you otherwise. When I go to a restaurant what tends to happen is that I'm given this large plate of delicious food, and I don't finish it. Sitting across from me, you might think, "wow she must not have liked what she ordered" or "maybe she wasn't as hungry as she said." Both of those assumptions are wrong. Usually, I just can't finish the large serving in front of me, but wait about 15 minutes and you'll see me continue to pick at what's left on my plate. I just can't help it.

This survey of 2,004 U.S. residents found that 83% of people have at least two snacks a day. I snack because I'm craving something, and 50% of people agreed they do, too. I also snack because it's convenient and quicker than making a full meal—38% and 34% of people said this was also true for them.

What's most interesting in this study isn't why people snack or even how much, but what they prefer to snack on. Sweet cravings dominate for 35% of respondents, but 30% enjoy a saltier treat. On top of that, people like to modify their snacks for even more flavor. Almost 40% of people will add cheese or maple to their snacks while another 35% will roast citrus or add salt to fruit.

My snack cravings definitely require a balance of both worlds. Some days all I want are sweet snacks, but other times I feel like there just aren't enough savory snacking options out there. Good to know there are other snackers out there that appreciate both.