Your Thanksgiving Week Cocktails Just Got More Expensive

Southwest Airlines passengers will have to pay more for in-flight alcohol during holiday travel.

Thanksgiving week is historically the busiest time of year to board an airplane. And with a packed airport, just about everyone is bound to be stressed out by long security lines, boarding procedures, and the seatmate who wants to talk about their pets for three hours straight. Naturally, when the drink cart rolls through the aisle, a lot of travelers turn to liquid relief in the form of a little cocktail or three. But if you're flying on the world's largest low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines, prepare to shell out a couple extra bucks for booze.

Southwest Airlines just raised the prices to their drinks

Prior to November 15, Southwest Airlines charged $6 for beer and wine and $7 for any beverages containing hard liquor. Now, USA Today reports we can expect to pay more for all of them. Here are the new prices for the Southwest beverage lineup.


Beer: $7

  • Miller Lite
  • Lagunitas IPA
  • Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Ale (Hawaii service only)
  • Wine: $8

    • Cruset Brut Sparkling Wine
    • Carmenet Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Mossel Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay
    • Stone Cellars California Rosé
    • Spirits, hard seltzer, ready-to-drink cocktails: $9

      • Deep Eddy Vodka
      • Deep Eddy Lime Vodka
      • Jack Daniel's Whiskey
      • Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey
      • Cazadores Tequila
      • Bacardi Rum
      • Kula Toasted Coconut Rum (Hawaii service only)
      • High Noon Hard Seltzer (Pineapple)
      • Dogfish Head Strawberry Vodka Lemonade
      • On the Rocks Hornitos Margarita
      • Non-alcoholic beverages will remain free of charge.

        Drinking alcohol on airplanes gives me a massive headache, but I might make an exception if something bad happens, like, say, someone spills rice on a flight and refuses to fess up—an actual incident that delayed an already delayed flight earlier this year.

        Inflation's been creeping up on us all, and it was only a matter of time before airplane cocktails experienced a price hike of their own. May your Thanksgiving week flights be safe and smooth, and for both your sake and your wallet's, let's hope you don't need to down a few extra beverages to tune out any unruly passengers.