Some Food Hacks Are A Great Big Pile Of Lies

I've been writing about food for a long time now, so when I see new lists of food hacks float around the Internet, my first reaction is to usually roll my eyes. Some things are straight up gross, like this "let's make wine glasses out of cheese" idea:

And some things are straight up dangerous, like this guy trying to open up a wine bottle with a blowtorch:

MSN has compiled a handy list of food hacks that don't actually work. Some of these I've heard floating around before, like the belief that salted water boils faster, or that washing chicken (please don't do this) will prevent food poisoning.

Some of these you might not have known. While I admit that when I was College Dennis, I was taught that you were supposed to add oil to the water to prevent pasta from sticking together, like this video from Gordon Ramsay, we now know it doesn't really work that way. Or that lemon juice doesn't actually keep avocado from browning (the only way to prevent avocado from browning is by the way I like to do it, which is shoving it in your face in a frantic and disgusting manner).

I am puzzled by a few of these, though. People make omelettes in sandwich presses? My favorite debunked slide on here is that bagels won't get stale if you stack them on a CD spindle. The idea of a bagel spindle sitting out on my kitchen counter is actually pretty funny. I can only see that as being an easier way for my cat to lick every single one of them.

Are there any on this list that surprise you?