Snoop Dogg Vs. Uber Eats Delivery Driver Isn't A Fair Fight

A failed delivery may land Snoop Dogg in the middle of a lawsuit.

An Instagram post from January may be coming back to bite Snoop Dogg in the form of a potential lawsuit, reports CBS Los Angeles. Back in January, Snoop Dogg took to his Instagram account to post a video displaying text messages between himself and an Uber Eats delivery driver, and now that driver says he feels his safety was put at risk.

Snoop Dogg put an Uber Eats driver on blast

In the video as Snoop Dogg scrolls through the messages, he can be heard complaining that the driver never came with his food, calling the driver a "punk" and saying that Uber Eats has all his money. The Uber Eats driver evidently sent messages back to Snoop Dogg saying, "This is not a safe place."


To be fair, the chats also show that the driver attempted to contact Snoop Dogg a few times before eventually canceling the order. Snoop was understandably frustrated, but calling out the driver on a social media platform where Snoop has 67.5 million followers was a bit much, especially because in the video, the driver's name, photo, and license plate number can be seen.

Uber Eats delivery driver threatens lawsuit

"After I see the video, I'm kind of like...I have anxiety and I fear for my family's safety," said Sayd, the Uber Eats driver who is only going by his first name in interviews to further protect his safety.


Snoop Dogg never received his order, but Sayd said he followed the usual protocol of Uber Eats deliveries, waiting at least eight minutes before canceling the order. Since the video came out, Sayd has stopped delivering for Uber Eats.

In this potential lawsuit situation, it feels like the real villain may get away if Sayd chooses to focus only on Snoop Dogg. Sure, Snoop Dogg should not have exposed the personal information of the driver considering the rapper's massive platform, but Uber Eats should also have done better by its employee. Instead, Uber Eats issued an apology and a refund to Snoop Dogg but failed to address any of Syd's concerns.

Public outcry has become one of the most effective ways to get major companies to correct a wrong, but in this case, the most wronged party is the employee not the customer. As of publication, it looks like Snoop has taken down the video, perhaps because he received a refund or perhaps because he felt remorseful.


While it's not surprising a brand would rush to apologize to a celebrity and not an employee, the situation is still disappointing to say the least.

"But I have to fight for my rights and family's rights," Sayd said. "I just feel like I'm not treated well from this celebrity or Uber Eats."