Skittles Wants You To Take Your Candy To Bed

Do you crave candy when you're lying down for a nap?

We all know lying in bed and watching a movie is a cozy moment, sometimes so comfortable that if the remote control or anything else is just out of reach, you'd rather stretch your arms as far as they'll go rather than actually get up to grab it. In those moments, what do you do if your sweet tooth demands candy? Skittles has partnered with mattress company Simmons to create an elegant solution to this dilemma.

According to a press release sent to The Takeout, the Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed is a wall unit candy-dispensing machine that slides over to reveal or conceal the a fold down (i.e. Murphy) twin-sized bed. The Sweet Sleep Bed will be available for purchase on December 13 at this website. There is a catch, though: There is only one bed out there, which means like concert tickets or a sneaker drop, whoever clicks "buy" the fastest gets it. The winner will be able to buy it for just $1.50, which is the average price of a bag of Skittles.

This sounds like a dirty Willy Wonka fantasy, but let's get our minds out of the gutter for a second and focus on the main issue: Do you enjoy eating candy, or food in general, in bed?

Personally, I think the particular meal or snack determines whether or not it's appropriate. On a Saturday morning, I like to take a page out of childhood and eat a bowl of cereal in bed while I watch TV. But, if I'm having eggs, waffles, bacon, etc., I'd rather not risk a spill or crumbs making their way into cozy blankets. Skittles are easy to pick up if they spill, but do you crave candy when you're lying down for a nap?

This one-of-a-kind bed certainly looks like it can hold well over $1.50 worth of candy, so even when you finally have to peel yourself away from your covers you could fill a nice to-go baggie and have some rainbow for the road. On top of that, when the Skittles finally run out, who knows what you could fill the dispenser with? That has some potential all on its own.