Shake Shack Is Doing Truffle Stuff

Sometimes it's nice to feel fancy, especially since it's not entirely likely you'll be going out for fine dining anytime soon. If any food can be dressed up with nowhere to go, it's definitely the burger. Shake Shack knows that, and for a short time, you can get a truffle-kissed burger at a not-so-fine-dining price.

I think truffle-flavored items get a really bad rap. As soon as you mention truffle flavoring, inevitably a food fanatic comes out of the walls to tell you that it's a manufactured flavor and that you're being duped. Yes, it's true that there's likely not much actual truffle (if at all) in your truffle fries, so just think of it as another interesting flavor to eat and ignore the haters. I've had real truffles on rare occasions, and they're mainly for the scent and are typically kind of terrible to eat because unless they're shaved finely enough. Otherwise they retain the texture of papery jerky. Expensive papery jerky.

That being said, truffle sauces on burgers can be a lot of fun, and Fox News reports that some Shake Shack locations in New York and Los Angeles have a black truffle burger ($8.89), topped with gruyere, black truffle sauce, and shallots. There's a mushroom-based option ($8.89), too, with a cheese-filled portobello mushroom also topped with the sauce. Want both? Then you can have the stacked sandwich that has both the burger patty and the mushroom ($11.89), along with the truffle sauce. Or, you could just opt for the sauce as a side ($1.50) and either take shots of it or presumably have it with your fries. Or mix it into your shake. Be the free spirit you were meant to be. I am here for you.

There is a bit of street cred involved, as Regalis Foods, a purveyor of truffles, caviar, and other rare items that ordinarily supplies ingredients to Michelin-starred restaurants, worked with Shake Shack on the development of the sauce. And yes, there's actual truffles in it, along with caramelized mushrooms and sherry vinegar. So if dinner involves sitting on the couch watching fancy food TV shows, might as well join them with a fancy burger. Cocktail attire is optional.