Scottish Contractors Find Hidden Treasure And A Message Under Kitchen Floor

In today's "hidden discoveries inside a house" news, a pair of contractors in Edinburgh, Scotland, made a discovery under the floorboards of a kitchen that they were working on. What was it? Scotch whisky [EDIT: I originally referred to it as "whiskey," got skewered, and have fixed it to "whisky"], of course, and a cute little message for the future owners of the house. UPI has the story.

While this is not nearly as mysterious as a hidden pasta sauce recipe, it's still great. Craig Harrington and his coworker were renovating the kitchen when they made the discovery. The video evidence was documented and uploaded to TikTok, where all the fun food stuff somehow ends up.


Carrying out essential work! Great find. Not sure I would drink it tbh. #fyp #drink #whisky #scotland #scottish #wrenkitchen #VideoSnapChallenge

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The handwritten note, written on the floor itself, says, "Jack and May lived here — three kids and a dog. Kitchen done up during April and May 2001. All the best, have a drink on us!" I love it. The note came with a small bottle of Glenkinchie whisky. But get ready, there's a small twist coming.

"I called the customer in to show her and she said it was her mum and dad's old house that she recently bought and the note was written by her dad. She was one of the three kids," Harrington said to the Daily Record. "So we cut the section of floor out and gave her it to keep along with the bottle." Apparently drinks are on Dad today.

Harrington added, "We do find lots of old things. Cigarette packets, sweets wrappers. The thing I like finding the most of the newspapers. A lot of them we can still read." If I found a bottle of whisky that old, I'm not necessarily sure I'd drink it, but it's something I'd definitely keep around—and who knows, maybe I'd hide it in the floorboards for the next person who buys the house.