Check Out This New Packaging Device That Will Keep Your Fries From Getting Soggy

One of the things I miss the most about going out to eat is french fries straight from the fryer dumped onto my plate, ripping hot. I'm talking about that order of fries you get with your big fat burger at a bar somewhere, with a bunch of people shouting at something happening on a big TV plastered to the wall. You, meanwhile, look at those beautiful fries and think, "Shit, I should really stop eating these," but they're so good, salty and crispy on the surface, but soft on the inside, and please please please can we have those times back now?

Whew, that was intense. But I know I am not alone, and where there's a will, there's always a way, right? Washington Post reports that there's a company out there called SAVRPak that's trying to save our fries. SAVRPak manufactures peel and stick packets that absorb the condensation in takeout boxes that ruins fries during their transit from the restaurant to our face holes.

Hot foods continue to emit steam after they're cooked, and when the temp eventually drops in the takeout box, the air will hit dew point. Moisture congregates on the top lid, and eventually sogs up your fries. SAVRPaks, though, are refrigerated, and once one is slapped into a box, it changes the dew point and absorbs some of the moisture from the steam. Testing shows that a SAVRPak can trim humidity down by 45% and extend the shelf life of packaged foods by a whole two weeks.

While the product received its patent in 2018, the product was ready for launch by February 2020. The timing at first wasn't so good; restaurants were having a hard enough time getting by to consider additional expenses for their food, but now restaurants in San Diego use SAVRPaks, food distributors like U.S. Foods and Gordon Food Services are giving them a try, and Hooters is testing them out too. In the name of french fries everywhere, I hope these things work.