Ryan Reynolds Honors The McRib With A Questionable Cocktail

In honor of the McRib's return, Ryan Reynolds has developed a drink that's probably an acquired taste.

In the lifespan of a sandwich, 40 years is no joke. Between the commemorative NFTs and the early product releases, McDonald's is celebrating the 40th birthday of the McRib in a big way. And so is Ryan Reynolds, who made a cocktail inspired by the McRib using his own booze, Aviation Gin.


The cocktail, rightfully named the Gin Riblet, is made by combining 4 ounces of tomato juice, ½ ounce of barbecue sauce, a squeeze of lemon, and 1½ oz of Aviation American Gin. The drink is definitely a savory sip and probably pairs well with the McRib itself. Other than the pickle garnish on top, not much else about the drink calls to me. Although the flavors don't entice me, if Ryan Reynolds is serving it, I'd down a pitcher of the stuff.

In Aviation Gin's how-to video for the cocktail, rightfully named the Gin Riblet, Reynolds expertly pours, shakes, and garnishes the saucy, zesty drink. In the words of Reynolds, the drink can be described as "the Bloody Mary's hotter cousin."

As a gin entrepreneur, this isn't Deadpool's first time behind the bar. On Father's Day, the actor promoted another cleverly named drink called "The Vasectomy." The success of Aviation Gin is undeniable, and what makes it even better is that Reynolds isn't afraid to poke fun at the industry.


Deadpool seems like more of a Burger King guy than a McDonald's one (or at least his merchandise makes it look that way). I wonder if there's some internal conflict there. And I don't know if it's just me and my apprehension about tasting a barbecue, lemon, and tomato juice drink, but Reynolds looks a little hesitant when he takes that sip. Maybe he's really drawing on his acting skills to appear as if he's enjoying that concoction? Ryan, I'll buy the McRibs; you bring the gin and let's have a real taste test. You let me know!