Red Lobster Adds The Best Potato Chip Flavor To Its Shrimp

It's tart, it's salty, and it's available now in Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp lineup.

The wide world of potato chip flavors includes a lot of surprises, but my absolute favorite chip flavoring is about as simple as it gets: salt and vinegar. Two basic elements, the combination of savory with bright tartness. This week, Red Lobster has done us all a culinary favor by layering this flavor onto everyone's favorite fried crustaceans. Crispy Salt & Vinegar Shrimp has joined the Endless Shrimp lineup for a limited time.

What is Red Lobster’s newest shrimp flavor?

The new Crispy Salt & Vinegar Shrimp features tangy and salty flavoring dusted on the shrimp, served with a side of ranch dressing. Though it's a simple combination, salt and vinegar is a potato chip classic for a reason, and if it's done just right, it can bring a boost of mouth-puckering flavor to the simple fried spud. Add it to fried shrimp, and hell, who'd need the ranch?


If you like salt and vinegar flavoring as much as we do (even with coffee!), you're in luck. You can eat as much shellfish as your heart desires, because the new flavor is an option on Red Lobster's famous Endless Shrimp menu. Though Endless Shrimp's pricing has gone up from $20 to $25 after losing the restaurant chain a great deal of money, it's still a fairly priced all-you-can-eat promotion, relatively speaking. Especially if you go in with a battle plan.

Acid is a classic pairing with seafood—think about how bright cocktail sauce is—so bringing vinegar into the mix makes sense. Fish and chips are at their best when paired with a heavy dash of malt vinegar.

Red Lobster has joined the non-alcoholic cocktail party

If you're looking for something to wash down all the Crispy Salt & Vinegar Shrimp you can eat, Red Lobster is also offering a new line of alcohol-free mocktails. They include:

  • Coastal Colada: Red Lobster's twist on a piña colada
  • Port of Passion: Passion fruit puree, lime juice, and lemonade, topped with club soda and fresh mint
  • Strawberry Breeze: Strawberry puree, lemonade, and fresh basil, finished with Starry
  • Green Apple Wave: Ginger beer, apple puree syrup, and sour mix
  • Mocha Sea Turtle Frappé: Espresso mix, chocolate, and caramel
  • I would suggest that in order to be kind to both your stomach lining and your tooth enamel while eating the Crispy Salt & Vinegar Shrimp, maybe stay away from any beverages that are too citrusy. Especially if you're heading into Red Lobster hoping to take full advantage of the all-you-can-eat situation, in which case we wish you the best of luck in your ambitious goals.