Let's Rank These Annoying Food Habits And Make Ourselves Real Mad

If you chew with your mouth open, head for the hills.

We sure do love survey data. Whether it's normal stuff like pizza topping debates (yes, that pineapple thing), or goofy questionnaires about whether delivery drivers want to eat your food (I delivered for a short period of time and I can confirm I wanted to do this often), we live for this pile of fairly useless information. Mostly just to see if we agree with what others say, or if we're rebels who stand strong against the popular opinion, a fact that makes us feel cool.

According to an email sent to The Takeout, in a survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Farm Rich, respondents were asked to rank others' annoying food habits and the results may shock you. Just kidding. They're probably what you'd expect.

Would you break up with someone over their food habits, if you deemed them annoying? In a poll of 2,000 people, 42% of men and 24% of women said yes.

Have you had to endure a significant other's annoying food habits in any of your relationships? I've personally been lucky on this front. There are people whom I care about deeply but who eat bananas with enough force that I can hear their teeth clicking (mouth closed, thankfully), and that disturbs me. But that's not on the list of top annoying food habits presented in the survey data.

The same 2,000 people were asked what they consider most annoying in terms of food habits as well. I've removed the percentages and mixed them up, so you can rank them for yourselves:

  • Eating food from off the floor
  • Double dipping
  • Talking with mouth full
  • Chewing loudly
  • Open-mouth chewing
  • Slurping food
  • Okay. Now quickly compile these in the order you find most annoying to least annoying, and see if they match up with the survey results. What did you pick?

    Here are the survey results:

    • Talking with mouth full: 68%
    • Chewing loudly: 64%
    • Open-mouth chewing: 63%
    • Slurping food: 52%
    • Double dipping: 44%
    • Eating food from off the floor: 41%
    • There's something I find really funny about the fact that "eating food from off the floor" is included in the list. I can understand people finding this a gross habit, and one that they wouldn't engage in themselves, but is this something you witness enough times to consider annoying, exactly? Just how often is food falling to the floor, anyway?

      Anyway, it's time to air our grievances. If you have strong opinions about where each of these habits rank, or if there are annoying food habits that aren't on the above list that you want to vent about, we're all ears.