Quiznos Will Now Let You Buy Its Toasty Sandwiches With Bitcoin

Good news for anyone craving a sandwich purchased with volatile currency.

While the cryptocurrency market seems to be on a huge rollercoaster ride right now, Quiznos either isn't terribly worried about that or has simply decided to embrace it regardless of the risks. The chain is launching a pilot program in partnership with a company called Bakkt that will allow people to purchase Quiznos sandwiches using Bitcoin. NASDAQ reports that this capability will debut in Quiznos' Denver International Airport location in mid-August. No word on whether or not you can order an NFT on the side.

Those interested will have to download the Bakkt digital wallet app, which lets you spend, send, and track digital assets like cryptocurrency. If you download the app and use it to buy a sandwich at Quiznos at that location, you'll be rewarded with $15 in Bitcoin.

Quiznos explained to NASDAQ that this partnership will allow the restaurant "to accept bitcoin directly at the point of sale." I've seen ATMs that will convert cash into the digital currency for you, but as far as I'm aware, I haven't been to any restaurant or other establishment that accepts Bitcoin in person yet. Looks like Quiznos is seriously gettin' that bread.

"As we continue our digital transformation journey and respond to mobile and millennial consumer demand for alternative and cryptocurrency payment options, we are excited to offer yet another accessible way for customers to buy a meal," said Mark Lohmann, President of Quiznos parent company REGO Restaurant Group. (I didn't realize that so many people felt limited by the number of ways you can currently pay for a sandwich. Sound off in the comments if you are one of them.)

The issue is that the last time I had Quiznos, I would have preferred to eat anything else at that moment. There's only one location left in Chicago, and in a city that offers all the Italian beef I want, I don't know if I'd go out of my way to download yet another app to buy this stuff. But maybe that's just my lingering fear of the Spongmonkey commercials talking. They haunt me to this day.