The Queen Of England's "Guilty Pleasure" Is Not Relatable

Her favorite meal has all of the pleasure, not much guilt.

Across the pond, in a far away land, sits a monarch who loves to eat burgers just like us peasants. Or at least that's what one London reporter wanted us to think for a few minutes. Please do not ban me from visiting the UK because I really would love to travel there one day, but sorry, her royal highness is absolutely not relatable even when it comes to her "guilty pleasure" foods. Darren O'Grady, who served as the queen's personal chef for 15 years, has revealed some of her food preferences, as shared by My London.

First off, the personal chef made it clear that the queen tried to "avoid fast-food at all costs." A lifestyle choice I would think isn't that difficult when you are the literal ruler of an entire country, let alone the Commonwealth.

Setting that immediate red flag aside, let's discuss the actual dish that's being labeled her "guilty pleasure": A bunless venison burger (freshly shot, might I add) stuffed with beautiful (likely freshly picked) cranberries. Unless you're a vegetarian, I don't understand how this qualifies as a "guilty pleasure." This is more like a delicacy I'd enjoy at a five-star restaurant. I know we all may have different tastes and definitions when it comes to the phrase "guilty pleasure," but there is just no way this qualifies.

If the Queen's venison patty (because I refuse to call that a burger) came breaded, deep fried, and maybe smothered in cheese, then I might call this a relatable fun fact about Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, all this has shown me is that the royal family continues to live in a way no one else can actually relate to and we can all "ooh and ahhh" at it while imagining what it must be like. Other than this rare deer meat treat, the chef said the queen's diet focused mainly on French cuisine. At least we know her grandson loves the occasional meal at KFC.