President Obama's Birthday Is Gonna Be Meat-Free

None other than Questlove helped coordinate the menu.

Former President Barack Obama's got a big birthday comin' up: his sixtieth. Of course, that means there's a big a celebration on the way, which has been scaled back to just close friends and family due to COVID resurgence concerns. But hey, might as well celebrate with some decent food. The menu for this smaller bash is fully vegan, including popular meat substitutes like Impossible and Eat JUST, reports Bloomberg. None other than musician Questlove is coordinating the meal, which is cool as shit. The only way this would be better is if it was hosted at Chuck E. Cheese or something. And honestly, the food sounds great.

Guests get to pick from things like spam musubi, but made with Impossible's fake beef and fake pork, along with Eat JUST's vegan eggs in other dishes. I haven't seen Impossible's pork substitute in the wild yet (but can confirm that I'm a fan of the beef simulator and Eat JUST's vegan egg product). What really sounds good to me is Questlove's cheesesteak eggrolls, which will be made with Impossible along with a vegan cheese sauce from a company called Perfect Day. Perfect Day specializes in creating dairy proteins, but with no animals involved. No mention of Beyond's vegan chicken tenders, however. Honestly, I don't see President Obama as much of a chicken tenders guy anyway.

It hasn't been confirmed whether or not there'll be meaty options on the menu for those who need their omnivore fix—but I say, hey, live a little, meat eaters. This menu sounds pretty good to me; much better than I generally eat at home, anyway. (I ate cold Taco Bell for lunch yesterday.)

The initial guest list spanned hundreds of famous people (i.e., not me), so maybe they'll have lots of leftovers since the whole thing shrank. Hey, Questlove, if you read The Takeout, do you think you can get someone to send me leftovers?