Postmates Releases 2020 Trending Data, Proves Year Was A Weird One

Now that we're all more or less in "Year in Review" mode, Postmates has released their trending data for 2020—and boy, does it bring back some memories.

According to the company's blog, the year started out how you might have expected: hungover. On New Year's Day, orders for hangover remedies like Gatorade spiked 197%. February saw an explosion in heart-shaped pizzas with an 1,800% increase in orders over last year, and there was a 4,462% increase in flowers for Valentine's Day week (compared to the previous week).

Here's where you know the real shit started, because in March, hand sanitizer surged a mind-boggling 9,987%. And we all remember the nerve-wracking toilet paper thing that increased demand sevenfold. And remember how so many of us had to switch to remote work and schooling? Demand for office supplies went up 18.5%, school supplies 47%, and video games and consoles went up 77% (for boredom).

April came around, and you weren't imagining the sourdough thing. Loaf demand went up 500%, while kits went up 600% (now you're all master bakers), and alcohol orders also spiked at 65% over the month before. I picture lots of you baking with a glass of wine in your hand, or if you're me, a goblet full of Four Loko.

Oh. And the bleach thing. 862% spike in orders.

Then came Election Night. Google said fries and liquor were the soup du jour, but my personal favorite statistic was on November 7, when people began to celebrate with a 445% increase in bubbly like Champagne and prosecco. My neighbors were definitely in that bunch, because I heard someone shout, "Hey Dennis, do you want a glass of champagne?" These numbers are a strange walk through memory lane, but they do reflect what I remember and how I felt through the year. If you'd like to read more, check out the blog post.