Popeyes Cajun Turkeys Are Coming Back This Year

However Thanksgiving may look this year (no big groups, please), Popeyes popular cajun turkey is making a comeback, according to USA Today. They come frozen (but pre-cooked) and are meant to be reheated in your home oven; it's rubbed with spices and flavored all the way throughout the meat, so you don't have to do much other than the reheating part. The creative cursing and all-day stressing about it are optional, especially if you're pretending to pass this thing off as your own "I swear I made this myself" bulbous mass of turkey. Just make sure to hide the shrink wrap under the empty boxes of Stove Top in the garbage can. And hide the gravy jars in the dishwasher.

Reviews of the turkey are pretty good, and we agree. One of the benefits is that because it's already pre-cooked, it only takes about two to two-and-a-half hours to roast at a highly manageable 300°F with less worry that you'll undercook it, though there's nothing stopping you from overcooking it. Previous iterations weighed in between 9-13 pounds, which seems like a reasonable amount for the inevitably smaller gatherings this year—and a smaller group dinner means way less political arguments with drunken relatives (we hope).

For those of you who plan well ahead of time, unlike yours truly, Popeyes is already taking preorders for the turkey until they sell out. If you're looking for more shortcuts, sides are also available for preorder, like the mashed potatoes. All you need to do is call or visit your local restaurant to make it happen.