Don't Be Surprised If Some Of Your Favorite Subway Sauces Disappear

Individual franchisees are starting to trim sauces that aren’t selling well.

Just like many chain restaurants, Subway cuts back on slow-selling items. Case in point: Eat This, Not That reports that Subway's Reddit thread has insider knowledge from employees on discontinued items. Turns out that some sauces don't move particularly well, so don't be surprised if your nearest Subway decides to stop carrying some of them after a while.

For example, one Reddit user asked whether or not Subway is discontinuing any of its dressings after finding out one location stopped serving Caesar dressing for its sandwiches. Another user, likely a Subway store employee, responded, "It's not a required sauce anymore. It's a store optional sauce. Once we run out of our stock of it, we will be discontinuing it in our stores. So if you have more than 1 subway around you, you might find it at a different store."

The comment thread continued, with another user saying, "Our store has not discontinued its Caesar dressing, but we barely sell one sandwich with it per week if it's bottled, so it's often the one dressing that expires and gets tossed out. If we are having an especially slow week, it is unlikely that we'll have it ready (and it often doesn't feel very worth it to make a new bottle just for one sandwich)."

After that, another user asked the same question about the chain's creamy sriracha, which you may have seen in the past is a fan favorite (in an extreme way). A different user, also likely a Subway employee, responded, saying, "Not sure because I hadn't been at our location when we did have it, but it sounds like it. That or Subway wanting to switch up the menu over time. Buffalo sauce is fairly popular at our location, so I imagine corporate is happy with the changes."

If you frequent Subway, well, saucy mystery solved. One thing that probably isn't going away is the tuna. Despite the PR nightmare that ingredient seems to have caused, I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.