Maybe Don't Spend $1,000 On A Single Pokémon Oreo

Apparently the whole "gotta catch 'em all” thing also applies to cookies on eBay?

In Oreo news, which develops frequently, the latest novelty item is causing a bidding war online as people race to score limited-edition cookies. But it's not some new seasonal flavor that people love—instead, it's a product built to be a collector's item in the first place. We're talking, of course, about the recently released Pokémon Oreos, which feature 16 different characters of varying rarity that you can "discover" in each package of cookies. Designing a line of edible collectibles in collaboration with a brand as beloved as Pokémon is clearly a move intended to send consumers into a buying frenzy. Well played, Oreo. reports that the Pokémon Oreos came out on September 8 and customers were limited to a preorder of three packages. There are 16 package designs in total, and the availability of some packages was deliberately low, like one featuring the character Mew. You can see how this was designed to cause reseller mayhem, since the term "limited edition" combined with "Pokémon" has resulted in eBay resale listings of up to $1,000 if you opt for the "Buy it Now" option. For cookies. Cookies that retail at $3.88.

Despite how high they're being listed, the actual prices that consumers are paying for these cookies aren't reaching those heights. Resales are typically going for between $10-$15, if you look at completed transactions for past eBay purchases. I'm assuming people will sit on these packages of cookies for decades, their contents slowly turning into dust as collectors hold out hope for a payday long in the future.

It's also worth noting that workers at Oreo's parent company Mondelez have been on strike for a long time, and as Eater reports, the five-week strike came to a tentative conclusion yesterday. The union contract expired in May, and Mondelez's initial proposal resulted in the possibility of 12-hour workdays with less overtime, which would result in significant losses in payment for employees. This echoes the challenges faced earlier this year by Frito-Lay workers, who'd also gone on strike over pay and long shifts.

Aspiring collectors, don't worry: You can still buy the Pokemon Oreos at places like Target and Walmart, according to Oreo's website. Save me a dusty Pikachu cookie that I can eat when I turn 50, wouldja?