Pizza Hut Is Joining The Detroit-Style Pizza Fracas

I've mentioned this on occasion, but my last full-time job was as a pizzamaker, where I made Detroit-style pizzas, and I can say, even after years of making them, they never, ever, got old. Boutique versions have been making their way across the country, joining the already established popular chain versions like Little Caesars Deep! Dish Pizza and Jet's, one of my favorite fast food pizzas.

Detroit-style pizzas are known for their signature cheese crust, in which the cheese is pushed out to the edge of a rectangular pan (typically made out of steel). During the baking process, the cheese caramelizes, creating a crisp lacy edge that's regarded as the best part. Think of it like a cracker, except made entirely of cheese. You'll also frequently see the sauce ladled on top of the cheese, giving you some bites that are all cheesy bread, and some that are cut with bright tomato sauce. Expect to see a focaccia-like dough, as well: soft, chewy, tall, and slightly fried on the bottom from the greased pan.

Well, now, Pizza Hut's come out with its own version, and it's a big departure from its standard lineup of pies, including the signature cheese-stuffed crust pizzas. There's four varieties available: Double Cheesy, Detroit Double Pepperoni (two types of pepperoni, 80 pieces per pizza), Meaty Deluxe (bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni), and the Supremo (Italian sausage. red onions, green bell peppers). They're all finished with sauce on top.

The rollout starts today, January 26, nationwide. This is a limited time offering, however, so if it's on your radar, the clock is ticking.