Pizza Hut Japan's Decathlon Meat Pizza Is An Olympic Feat

You should probably be awarded a gold medal for conquering all 10 meats.

The Olympics are well underway, and in order to celebrate the games, Pizza Hut Japan has released a pizza with 10 types of meat on top. Looks like everyone's a winner with this one—that's a lot of meat. I'm not even sure I could even think of more than four types of pizza meat off the top of my head. Chew Boom did the important work of listing all the different toppings on this thing, and honestly, I want to make one of these at home now. (Probably cheaper than flying to Tokyo.)

Are you ready? Put on your seatbelts, kids—here we go: There's beef bulgogi, bacon, aged bacon, Iberico thick-sliced bacon (three types of bacon?!), pepperoni, pulled pork, "rough sliced" sausage, Italian sausage, teriyaki chicken, and charcoal-grilled beef ribs. Consider me impressed. The American counterpart, the alleged "Meat Lover's" pizza, only has six . Psssh, six? What are we, chumps?

It's both thrilling and so disappointing to read international fast food menus and note the ways that chains cater to cultural differences in our culinary preferences. (Just peruse Pizza Hut Japan's Instagram feed to see what I mean). Overall, Pizza Hut seems like it embraces the flavors of whichever country it's in, which is great until you go online and see what you're missing. This list from The Travel highlights some Pizza Hut novelties from a variety of countries, none of which I'd turn down. (Also, for the record, I don't consider anything on this list "weird." Only varying degrees of awesome.)

I mean, come on. Who wouldn't want to dig into a butter chicken pizza in India, or a cheeseburger-stuffed crust pizza in the UK? One of these pizzas on the list, with a hot-dog-stuffed crust, is the only one I've tried, since Americans were briefly graced with its presence in 2015. The hot dog pizza was not one of the best things I've ever had from Pizza Hut, but you know, they can't all be the greatest. But you know who is the greatest? Olympic athletes. They're all winners in my book.