Photo Of Exhausted Domino's Workers In San Antonio Goes Viral

Stories of relief efforts in Texas due to the storm and power outages are trickling in, and it's been heartening to see people band together. It's important to acknowledge essential workers who have been feeding people throughout the pandemic and local emergencies, because they get very little credit for their work. A viewer-submitted photo from FOX News in San Antonio shows a pair of exhausted Domino's employees after a rush that wiped a weekend's worth of supplies in four hours.

"This Dominos in San Antonio. Working during this crisis. They had a weekend worth of food and it was gone within 4 hours," wrote July DeLuna, the user who submitted the photo to Chime In, the network's public photo feed. "This team helped those that needed help. These are the essential workers that need recognition. They were the only pizza place open. Every pizza place was closed but dominos stayed open to help those in need."

I've been through absurd service rushes in my restaurant career when we we ran through all our ingredients, and though I've probably looked pretty frazzled, I honestly can't say I worked through a shift like this. An entire weekend's worth of ingredients just gone in a shift due to a massive emergency? That's some serious in-the-trenches shit and the kind of shift even hardened restaurant employees walk out on, or at the least, when they sneak off to cry privately in the walk-in cooler. This is also a stark reminder that many people with essential restaurant jobs oftentimes don't get paid much more than minimum wage. But they are the ones making the food that shows up at your door right when you need it most.