The Phillies' $1 Hot Dog Is No More

Last year's Philadelphia food fight proved to be too much for the MLB park to handle.

Spring is rolling around and we're looking forward to baseball season. There's nothing like munching on a ballpark hot dog and washing it down with cold beer in the stands, and it's even better when the dogs are cheap. But fans of the Philadelphia Phillies' popular "dollar dog night" promo at Citizens Bank Park must kiss their best concessions deal goodbye this MLB season, thanks to a bunch of rowdy spectators last year who ruined things for everyone.

Philadelphia’s dollar dog night fight, explained

This fiasco occurred last April, when a bunch of Phillies fans present on dollar hot dog night decided it would be a great idea to chuck a boatload of hot dogs at each other in the stands. The food fight quickly spiraled out of control, with some attendees eventually tossing bottles of water down from the upper deck, causing a safety issue. Though no injuries were reported, several fans were ejected from the game, and the event became a national news story.


Philadelphia's ABC News affiliate reports that Dollar Dog Night is dead after a a 27-year-long run. The event will be unceremoniously replaced with a new BOGO hot dog deal instead, which will debut at two upcoming games: April 2 against the Cincinnati Reds and April 16 against the Colorado Rockies.

This BOGO deal is still pretty good—$5 will get you two hot dogs—but still a 250% increase on the Dollar Dog Night price. Clearly Philadelphia is hoping the slightly more costly dogs will reduce the likelihood of people tossing tube steaks at each other with reckless abandon.

Of course, plenty of fans are annoyed with this turn of events. Complaints on Twitter/X include many crying emoji, a passionate petition to reinstate Dollar Dog Night, and at least one disgruntled dad.


When a large group suddenly decides to act like a bunch of actual wieners, they might just get their cheap wieners taken away. At least Phillies fans might be able to bring their own food into the ballpark.