Tiny Pennsylvania Winery Releases The Most Appropriately Named Product Of 2020

I'm pretty sure that if you walked down the street, masked up, and asked a stranger, "It's not just me, this has been a lousy year for all of us, right?" you'd probably get a laugh and a nod. Maybe some tears. If you're lucky, a breakdancing challenge.

Turns out the fine people at Grovedale Winery in Pennsylvania feel exactly the same way! Food & Wine tells us that they recently released a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend aged in oak, and named it Sh!tshow (exclamation point and all). Hey, at least someone's having fun with it.

The Sh!tshow website itself is full of sarcastic little jokes, like Sherlock saying "No sh!t?" (sic). You can certainly tell someone was having a lot of fun with it.

"While we want to make people smile, we also understand that there's nothing funny about going through a really difficult and dark time," Grovedale Winery owner Jeff Homer told Food & Wine. "We're actively working on a non-profit collaboration that will see a portion of all proceeds from Sh!tshow Wine going towards increasing mental health awareness and helping people access assistance. Ultimately, we want to give people a way to laugh at the different sh!tshows we all face but also to make sure that people know they truly are not alone."

The wine only ships within the U.S., so if you live elsewhere, sorry, you're out of luck. But I'm sure you could slap your own expletive label on top of anything and join the collective Sh!tshow.