Peeps Released An Easter Cookie Coop Kit, And It Looks Adorable

I've often wondered why gingerbread houses aren't a year-round thing. I'm assuming it's because the icing that glues everything together looks like snow, so it's mainly a winter experience. Maybe if you live on a mountain where there's permanently snow, you can enjoy making gingerbread houses all the time. Did I just blow my own mind?

But now I've learned, thanks to The Travel, that Peeps has released a kit that you can use to make a cookie chicken coop. Instead of gingerbread tiles, it has sugar cookies, because apparently gingerbread outside of winter is also culinarily illegal somehow.

This Peeps coop kit features some innovation in cookie architecture, The Travel tells us:

That's right, this design also features a "link and lock" technology that makes the entire thing far easier to build and way more efficient when it comes to keeping those sweet baby chicks in their own space.

The whole kit is edible, plus it comes pre-loaded with Peeps so you don't have to buy them separately. There's also pastel candy, so you don't have to buy that either, but I'm sure you can have fun with your own candy or Pepto Bismol tablets or something. The kits are already available to purchase online at BJ's, Walgreens, Publix, CVS, and Family Dollar.

While I imagine the kit is primarily for children, there are probably a lot of adults who are going to have a field day with this. A friend of mine does Peep art, and it's something I look forward to seeing every year.

I mean, it's Norman Peepwell. How can you not love this?

But while I personally really like looking at Peeps (how can a food be that cute?), I do not enjoy eating them. At all. Nearly every year I try one, and I swear that the next year I will avoid them, then I do it again, because I am a jackass and a fool. This year will probably be no different. Maybe I'll get one of those kits and recreate a scene from Chicken Run.