Papa John's Wants Everyone To Catch BaconMania

Papa John's is releasing three new bacon-based menu items.

How do you make a good thing better? Add bacon. Papa John's is introducing BaconMania to its customers, and yes it may be contagious. There was a time when Papa John thought more pineapple is what people needed, but looks like he's trying a different path. BaconMania doesn't just give you a bacon covered pizza, the pizza franchise is rolling out three new bacontastic menu items, according to a press release sent to The Takeout.

Die hard Papa John's lovers who are part of the chain's Papa Rewards program can catch BaconMania before the rest of us at select locations, otherwise it'll be out there on October 25.

These new offerings sound like a bacon-heavy three-course meal in the making, so here's how I'd approach it:

First, you want to get your taste buds prepped with the Bacon Jalapeño Popper Rolls, Papa John's signature six-ingredient dough filled with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, and jalapeños. With your taste buds alert, and possibly a little burnt, then you move onto the second course.

My next move would be for the Smoky Bacon Parmesan Crusted Papadia. The flatbread-style sandwich is made with their original dough and crusted with parmesan cheese, julienne-cut (so fancy) Canadian bacon, onions, and sliced smoked bacon strips, covered with a creamy ranch sauce. Now, I've actually never had a Papadia but why not dive head first into a double serving of bacon and ranch?

If there's any kind of room left in my stomach at this point, I'd be shocked. But if I somehow find it in me to reach for a slice of the Triple Bacon Pizza, I'll be enjoying a mouthful of that six-ingredient dough topped with smoky crumbled bacon, julienne-cut (keeping it fancy) Canadian bacon, and smoked bacon strips.

Looking over this bacon menu, I'd also make the argument that this isn't just BaconMania, it's DoughDelirium. Something has to soak up that bacon grease, and I think Papa's got a crust in mind. In their own words, "better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John's."