The Pandemic Has Got Us Reaching For The Top-Shelf Liquor

Times aren't easy, and since people can't kick back and go to bars and restaurants like we used to, it's time to bring the chillaxing (yeah, I whipped that old chestnut out) home instead. I mean, where else are you going to sip on a cocktail? It turns out that a lot of people are working on their home bartending skills, and aren't skimping when it comes to the good stuff. I mean, it makes sense. For our little household at least, all the money we haven't been spending going out has sometimes resulted in smaller nicer things now and then.

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS for short) says that spirit sales bumped up by 1.3%, and now stand at 39.1% of the total beverage alcohol market, Food & Wine reports. The real boost was in the fancy stuff; the high-end premium products jumped 7.3% while the super high-end premium products hopped a whopping 12.7%.

"The increase in spirits sales revenue reflects consumers' willingness to spend a little extra on superpremium spirits during the past year since they were not traveling, going on vacations or dining out as often," DISCUS chief economist David Ozgo told Beverage Industry Enthusiast.

The spirit that really popped off was Cognac, surprisingly, which bumped a holy-shit 21.3%. Interesting choice, everyone, because personally I'd probably be reaching for the bourbon. Another big winner was canned and bottled cocktails, which increased in sales by 39.1%. So we all like the finer things, yet convenience. Got it. And online orders skyrocketed as well, as a side effect. Looks like this thing isn't going to be over for a while, so might as well treat yourself a little.