Not Even A Blizzard Can Stop New Yorkers From Going Out To Eat

A big nor'easter hit the East Coast pretty hard the other day, and some areas got slammed with record-breaking snowfall. Binghamton, New York, for example, got 40 whopping inches all at once. That's almost two-thirds of a Dennis. New York City didn't get pummeled nearly as hard, but still, there was plenty of snow to go around.

But people in New York didn't give a shit, and in fact, some happily went out to go grab dinner. According to The Daily Mail, due to restrictions on indoor dining, they put on their full winter gear to sit under propane heaters to drink and eat their dinner off tables covered in snow, like these diners at The Smith in the East Village.

I am wondering if snow got in their food (my guess is yes). I am also wondering if it was any fun. On paper, it sounds like it could be, but probably only for about five minutes. Trattoria L'Incontro, in Astoria, Queens, put up a video of the staff sitting outside, clinking glasses of wine, while bemoaning the situation at the same time.

"This is what outdoor dining looks like in MY CITY," owner Rocco Sacramone wrote in a caption. "Love NY, but what a mess we are in. This was my staff today. We normally have 30 to 40. We are down to 5 this is real this is the reality of every restaurant in NYC." The new indoor dining ban is cutting revenue short for many restaurant owners in the city, and many are upset.

But a decent handful of New Yorkers don't mind playing in the snow to get a few bites to eat. Pandemic restrictions may allow people to still eat at tables placed on the sidewalk, but there's no official comment on whether or not cold toes and pasta make for a good mix.