Oscar Mayer Curses Us With A Hot Dog Straw

It's not made out of actual wiener meat, but it brings back terrible memories.

Remember the Great Hot Dog Straw Incident of 2022? If you missed this viral phenomenon last year (or willfully forced yourself to forget about it), a quick refresher: TikTok user @NewYorkNico posted a video of a Major League Baseball fan attending a game at Yankee Stadium. Sitting in the stands with concessions in tow, the fan can be seen using a drinking straw to hollow out the center of a hot dog, place the dog in a cup of beer, then use the tubular meat as a straw through which to drink said beer. Ah yes, now that's a lifestyle choice to aspire to.


The video, as you can imagine, reached every far-flung corner of the internet within hours. And while the days-long conversations about the hot dog straw eventually fizzled out, hot dog purveyor Oscar Mayer hasn't forgotten about it one bit. In celebration of the viral video's one-year anniversary, the company is releasing a cheeky tribute to the fan-crafted hot dog straw: an actual, official hot dog straw.

Where to get Oscar Mayer’s new hot dog straw

According to a press release, the hot dog straw is now available for preorder on Oscar Mayer's website until supplies run out. And no, before you even ask, it's not made of an actual hot dog. Sorry. Or maybe this is good news, in which case, you're welcome.


The tube-steak-shaped straw is made out of silicone, a material often used to simulate the feel of human skin, and sometimes even skin that has turned to hot dogs. The straw is intended to be a reusable item you can use to freak out your friends and family for the rest of your life. (It's a lot like fake dog poop in that way.)

Kelsey Rice, associate director of Oscar Mayer brand communications, notes in the press release that the silicone hot dog straw is simply meant to be silly.

"We salute the brave man who paved the way to enjoy his hot dog as he wishes," she says. "Taking inspiration from a classic Oscar Mayer dog, the silicone Hot Dog Straw is designed for optimal sipping, and we hope it brings a friendly reminder that we don't need to take enjoying a delicious hot dog seriously."


I guess a reusable straw is technically more environmentally friendly, but one you can eat still sounds better to me. The world is full of delicious sausages, which is making me wonder about all the beer-sipping possibilities still out there awaiting discovery. How about a juicy bratwurst (beer brats are a thing, after all), or a fully dressed Maxwell Street Polish for those seeking a challenge?

If you want to snag an Oscar Mayer hot dog straw of your own visit Oscar Mayer's website here. For more details, follow the company on InstagramNew York Nico, the user who captured the unholy hot dog straw to begin with, will also have more details. I hope to spot at least one of you sneaking your straw into the ballpark to relive the famous moment.