This McDonald's Hack Has Everyone Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast

The key to this new TikTok hack is all in the timing—and sounds worth the trouble.

Once again, TikTok has blessed us (or cursed us?) with a McDonald's hack featuring a weird and wonderful new breakfast creation. This sweet and savory summertime concoction will require an early morning trip to McDonald's, but judging by the videos, it might very well be worth it. Say hello to the hash brown Oreo McFlurry ice cream sandwich.

The McFlurry hash brown sandwich hack, explained

The original video, posted to TikTok on May 20, features user Kelly Arvan slathering an Oreo McFlurry between two still-hot McDonald's Hash Browns and eating it sandwich-style. The video has nearly 6 million views, 600,000 likes, and 9,125 comments, and has spawned countless imitations in the weeks since, with other users eager to try the snack that Arvan deems "10 out of 10."


McDonald's has previously embraced fans' most clever customizations by promoting "hacked" meal combo bundles designed to encourage customers to mess around with their food. The hacks themselves have ranged in complexity; the Hash Brown McMuffin simply adds a potato layer to the regular Sausage McMuffin, while the massive Land, Air, & Sea Burger combines a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish all in one.

Much like dipping fries in ice cream, the latest hack involves mashing up the salty and the sweet. McDonald's has aimed for this pocket before with its limited-time Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry, but the flavors were imbalanced and overall disappointing.

How to make an Oreo McFlurry Hash Brown sandwich

To actually try out this hack would take some planning. Firstly, since hash browns are part of McDonald's breakfast menu, you won't be able to try this hack out after 10:30 a.m., since that's when most locations stop selling hash browns. (Only the breakfast pastries last all day.)


Then comes the even trickier part: finding a McDonald's with a reliable ice cream machine. It has become a long-running joke that McDonald's ice cream machines are always "broken" (or maybe the employees just say that to avoid cleaning it), and McDonald's isn't too thrilled about being the butt of that criticism. On the bright side, you could always check, the website that tracks functioning ice cream machines various locations. If you do manage to get your hands on both menu items to create the ultimate TikTok sandwich, I say, why should the creativity stop there?

The new hack already brings dessert and breakfast together, so try taking it a step further with a chicken patty on one end and a hash brown on the other. Or you could bump up the sweetness factor by adding hot fudge to the mix, or go with a different McFlurry flavor like Strawberry Shortcake (which isn't great on its own, but might be improved by salty, crunchy potato). Try out all the swaps you can think of. The McDonald's menu is your oyster, as long as you like your oysters fresh from the fryer.